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Jim Pellerin, President
The Ivory Owl Learning Company
The Ivory Owl Learning Company
The Ivory Owl Learning Company specializes in Instructional Design, Learning Strategies and Learning Methodologies. Our products and services are designed to improve an organization's learning program. Specifically, we provide workshops and consulting designed to ensure an organization incorporates all the necessary components into their Learning Program. The ideal goal is the transformation of an organization into a Learning Organization.
Jim Pellerin, PMP
Jim Pellerin is an instructor, architect, author, speaker, coach and developer with over 25 years of real life experience. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), with expertise as an IT Professional, a methodology expert and an instructional designer. He has managed multi-million dollar projects in various industries. He specializes in Learning Strategies and Instructional Design.
 On Demand Workshops
If you would like to see a Learning Workshop held in your area, just send us an email. If we get enough interest we will come to you.

Do you have a group of people interested in a Learning Workshop? Send us an email. If the group is large enough or if we get enough interest we will come to you.

The On-Demand Workshop contains the same content as the Scheduled Workshops.
On Site Workshops

Would you like us to provide the Learning Workshop at you company location? You provide the place and the students and we will come to you.

For more information email us.

The On Site Workshop contains the same content as the Scheduled Workshops or can be tailored to meet your needs..

Contact us for more information on our Workshops and Consulting services.

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