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Learning Workshops are advanced interactive learning experiences related to Learning Development. Our focus is on getting the student to DO and not just listen.

These workshops were designed using advanced learning practices incorporating several learning features to accommodate many learning styles.
Content Strategy (CS1)
What are the different types of information (Facts, Concepts, Structures, Procedures, Processes and Principals)? What instructional strategies are best for each type of information? How do you accommodate the various learner types? How should the information be sequenced? How should the learner be guided? What presentation techniques should be used? How and when to use graphics?
 Development Methodology (DM1)
What are the different development phases (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation)? How do you perform a proper Performance Analysis? How do you do a Needs Assessment? What about prototypes? How do we ensure the instruction is aligned with a job or role? How do we create instructional objectives? Design the course structure to include an introduction, course objectives, summary, evaluations, etc. How do we measure performance improvement? How to create a Design Document?
Project Management Strategy (PM1)
How do you sell the Learning Project? What are the Project process groups (Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control and Close). How do you communicate the project? How do you manage the budget? What are the different resources required for a learning project? How to manage Scope creep? How to incorporate Quality Assurance and Risk Management?
Distribution Strategy (DS1)
How is learning componentized and distributed.How are the component designed for maximum reuse and follows standards such as SCORM. What is the best delivery approach (classroom, elearning or hybrid) based on content type, learner profile, etc. What is an LMS?
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